What Is Swai Fish And Health Benefits of Fish

If you are looking for the benefits of swai fish and/or a normal fish then you’re in the right place.


Fish is among the healthiest food on the planet. It’s loaded with important nutrients such as protein and vitamin D. Fish is also the best source of omega fatty acids, which are incredibly important to your body and brain.

Here are the 5 health benefits supported by research:

5 health benefits of eating fish

Swai Fish
  • Fish may lower the risk of heart attack and strokes
  • Fish Is The Only Dietary Source of vitamin D
  • Fish may Improve Sleep Quality
  • Fish may help prevent and treat depression, making you a happier person
  • Fish may protect your vision in old age

Fish may lower the risk of heart attack and strokes

Heart attack and strokes are the 2 most common causes of premature deaths in the world. Fish is generally considered to be the best food you can eat for a healthy heart.

Not surprisingly many large observational studies have shown that people who eat fish regularly seem to have a lower risk of heart attack, strokes, and death from, heart disease.

Researchers believe that the fatty types of fishes are even more beneficial for heart health, because of their high amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish Is The Only Dietary Source of vitamin D

Vitamin D has received a lot of mainstream attention in recent years. This important vitamin actually functions like a steroid hormone in the body, and a whopping 41.6% of the US population is efficient in it.

Swai Fish

Fish and the fish products are the best dietary sources of Vitamin-D, by far fatty fish salmon and herring contain the highest amount. Some fish oils such as COD liver oil, are also very high in vitamin D, providing more than 200%of the recommended intake in a single tablespoon.

Fish may Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep disorders have become incredibly common in worldwide. There are many different reasons for this (such as increased exposure to blue light) but some researches believe that vitamin D efficiency can also play a decent role.

In the 6 month study of 95 middle-aged men, a meal with salmon three times a week led to an improvement in both sleep and daily functionality. The researcher speculated that this was caused by vitamin D in salmon.

Fish may help prevent and treat depression, making you a happier person

Depression is a serious and incredibly common mental disorder. It is characterized by low mood, sadness, decreased energy, and loss of interest in life and activities.

Although it is not talked about nearly as much as heart disease or obesity, depression is one of the current world’s biggest health problems. Studies have found that people who eat fish regularly are much less likely to become depressed.

Numerous control trials have also found that omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial against depression, and significantly increase the effectiveness of anti-depressive medications.

What this means, is fish can quite literally make you happiest person and improve your quality of life.

Fish may protect your vision in old age

A disease called micellar degeneration is a leading cause of vision impairment and blindness and mostly affect their older individual. There is some evidence that fish and omega-3 fatty acids may provide protection against these diseases.

In one study, regular consumption of fish was linked to a 42% lower risk of macular degeneration in women.

Now the facts of swai fish that you don’t know:

What Is Swai Fish?

Swai fish is actually the common name of the iridescent shark, a type of catfish that is native to South Asia. Bearing the scientific name of Pangasianodon Hypophthlmus, this fish is widely cultivated in that region of the world and export in the USA.

Swai is the white flesh fish with a flaky texture that makes it ideal for broiling, grilling, or frying. The flavor is also quite mild, making it a popular option for those who do not want to taste their fish too briny.

In the united states and elsewhere, Swai fish is often marketed as a river farmed catfish, but that name can be misleading. Much of the swai fish exported to the other countries is bred in fish farms, and the other areas of southeast Asia, with a low level of regulations and health standards, which is why most experts do not recommend eating swai fish.

Why Swai Fish Is Not Safe To Eat?

Although factory-farmed fish are not inherently unhealthy, swai fish has developed a particular repetition as being below quality standards. Numerous health organizations around the world have criticized the water quality of the Vietnamese fish farms, as it can be filled with bacteria and other chemical pollutants.


There are many tasty and healthy foods for a healthy human body but the fish is among all of those foods. Now Swai Fish is not recommended by the doctors so you can eat many other fishes it is not a big problem.

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