Best Way To Lose Weight by Exercising At Home

If you are getting unwanted fat and weight because of your office shift or school college classes, then here we will tell you the best way to lose weight exercise without any gym equipment.


Today we are going to share with you some high-intensity workout routines, after following those routines you will easily burn extra fat in your body. Everyone can follow this, we will not use any gym equipment, nor a dumbbell, all you need is floor and you can follow it everywhere.

Fat On Body

Lots of people ask this question that, how to get rid of chest fat, how to get rid of belly fat, how to get rid of thigh fat, and how to get rid of arm fat, etc. One thing you should have to know that you can not just get rid of fat from just one body part you have to lose all the fat.

best way to lose weight exercise

Calorie Deficit

Whenever someone heard about calorie deficit the first thing that comes in our mind is Diet. But here I will tell you how to keep your body in a calorie deficit.

There are two way to keep your body ion calorie deficit:


The first way is diet and everyone knows that. If my maintenance calories are 2500 and I am following the diet of 2300 calories, my body will automatically go into the calorie deficit.

High Intensity Workout

But there are so many people who are not good at staying with a diet. So if your maintenance calories are 2500 and you are burning 2700 calories in a workout then you are on a 200 calorie deficit.

So now I am going to tell you the best workout routine to burn your fat:

4 Best Way To Lose Weight Exercise

  • Burpee+Mountain Climber
  • Hindu Push-ups+Side Kicks
  • Switch jump lunges
  • Jump squats

Burpee+Mountain Climber

Our first exercise is burpee+mountain climbers, Almost everyone knows that burpee is the hardest exercise for many peoples. But here you will also get the beginner version also with that you can easily do it.

How to do it?

First of all, you have to go in push-ups position, after going into the pushups position you have to do 1 pushup and take one jump and come back in the position of squats and complete the jump. Follow this cycle.

you are thinking that I said that burpee+mountain climber this is just burpee, so well you have to go in a push-up position, do one push-up, do 4 mountain climber of each leg, and then jump and clap up when in the air.

Beginner Version

Most people who can not do a burpee with pus-ups, so what you have to do when you are going to do push-ups, touch your knees on the ground to complete push-ups.


best way to lose weight exercise

It will affect your leg chest, thighs, arms, back, and much more muscle targeting with this exercise. This is exercise will affect your overall body.

Hindu Push-ups+Side Kicks

In the 2nd exercise, we will tell you to do some Hindu push-ups+side kicks. For those who do not know what is this Hindu push-ups, we will tell them how to do it if they can not do it here is also a beginner version.

How To Do It?

In order to perform, Hindu push-ups you firstly you have to make a normal push-ups position and then rais your hip and down your head and after doing that dive like fish, do not leave your hands after diving remember your chest, stomach, and legs should have not more than one inch above from ground and your head should be up like wolves howling comes back in normal push-up position after that do sidekicks.

Beginner version

Who can not do Hindu Push-ups they can touch their knees to the ground and all rest of the exercise is the same.


It will affect your chest, back, lower back, core, triceps, shoulder, and the list goes on. And the sidekicks will affect on your core and legs.

Switching jump lunges

The thigh will burn your fat more quickly and this is why we recommending you this exercise.

How to do it?

best way to lose weight exercise

First of all, you have to make a position of lunges and after that, you have to lunge meaning go down in that position and come back up with a jump and switch the position of your leg.


It will affect on your back, hips, and most of your thighs.

Jump squats

You have to sit folding your knees, after that, you have to get up by a jump in squats position after making the squats position you have to take one more jump holding your position and sit back how you start, repeat this process.


it will affect on your abs, belly fat, thighs, hips, core, and many more muscles.


Having a big fat stomach or having more fat makes your life bad, But you choose this life but there is still a time you can get rid of this lifestyle and be normal or even you can be better than normal.

How Much Sets And Reps?

If you are a beginner then I will recommend the 12 reps and 4 sets for every exercise.

“Hope you have learned something best way to lose weight exercise from this article thanks you”

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