4 Best Baby Monitors 2020?

Here you will find information about the 4 best baby monitors in 2020. So you can easily choose which will be good for you and your baby.

Baby Monitors

Being a new parent is an exciting and occasionally stressful journey into uncharted territory. There are so many things to learn about your baby and all the different products to keep your little one happy and healthy.

Best Baby Monitors

One of the most and expensive purchases you will make when you are outfitting your nursery could be a baby monitor.

Here are the 4 Best Baby monitors

4 Best Baby Monitors In 2020

  • Safety 1st HD WiFi Streaming Baby Monitor
  • Lefun C2 720p Baby Monitor
  • Vtech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor
  • Philps Avent SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor
Best Baby Monitors

Safety 1st HD WiFi Streaming Baby Monitor

In the list of our 4 Best Baby Monitors, we have picked Safety 1st HD WiFi Streaming Baby Monitor for our 1st position.

There are few things you can demand from a decent HD video baby monitor, like a crystal clear images and good night vision capabilities. There are also things you can expect of a good Wi-Fi-enabled monitor, like easy remote access from a smart device with real-time streaming audio and video.

Then there are things you might hope for from a baby monitor, like 2-way talk and solid battery life. Finally, there are features you never even thought of but what you will get with the new safety 1st HD Wifi streaming monitor and there features you will never want to live without once you grow accustomed to them.

This is the great baby monitor trust me. Want one example?

How about the ability to grant temporary access to your monitor. Using the easy to navigate safety 1st app you can allow a baby sitter, grandparents, or anyone else the ability to access your monitor using their own smartphones. You can also rescind this access at any time.


  • Easy remote access
  • Easy to navigate
  • If your baby does some cute when no one has accessed it will record it you can share or right over the web
  • Will alert you at once when seeing a motion

Lefun C2 720p Baby Monitor

In our list of 4 best baby monitors, we have Lefun C2 720p Baby Monitor in the 2nd position.

Who says the wifi video baby monitors have to be expensive? Lefun C2 720p Baby Monitor is on sale for a 30.99$, and it is one of the top-rated best selling baby monitors on Amazon.

This tiny baby live monitor live stream 720p video from your baby’s room to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via WiFi or your data connection. That means you can keep your eyes on your baby even when you leave the house.

There is no dedicated viewer, so you may want to use a secondary device to check on your baby or your phone battery could run out quickly.

This baby monitor features automatic zoom, it can tilt or pan, and its IR LED night vision goes up to 32 feet.


  • Low-cost money
  • You can see footage on a laptop too even when you in office
  • IR LED night vision
  • Save footage on micro SD card
  • High-level encryption
  • Reliable

Vtech DM221 Audio baby Monitor

In our list of best baby monitors, we have Vtech DM221 Audio baby Monitor in the 3rd position.

If you are not interested in having a video baby monitor, Vtech DM221 is the very best audio baby monitor you can buy. You can listen in on your baby or get vibration and light-based alerts when the monitor is in silent mode.

The five LED lights indicate the level of sound so you can tell whether your baby is going quietly or shrieking for mom and dad. The audio quality is excellent, thanks to VTech’s use of DECT 6.0, so you should not hear any interference, static, or echoing when you listen in on your baby.

Since the monitor uses a special frequency to relay the signal from the monitor in your baby’s room to the parental unit, everything is encrypted and secure. No one but you will hear your baby.


  • Warn you by vibration when your baby moves
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Dect 6.0
  • Special frequency
  • 150-foot range
  • Clarity of the sound

Philps Avent SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor

In list of our best baby monitors we have Philps Avent SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor for our last pick.

Traditional baby monitors do not offer the same high-resolution picture quality we are used to seeing on our smartphones and tablets. If you want a high-resolution video of your baby, you will have to go with the WiFi monitor like the nest cam that streams video to your phone and tablets. The Philps AVENT SCD630 video monitor may not be high res, but it is the best of the bunch.

It uses 2.4ghz FHSS technology that offers a private connection between the monitor in your baby’s room and a dedicated viewer in your hand. The FHSS connection should minimize interference and most reviewers say the audio is clear.

You can also talk to your baby from another room with the monitor or play one of the five included lullabies. Philips added special features that put the monitor on silent until your baby makes a sound that is above a certain level.


  • Minimize interference
  • 2.4 GHz FHSS technology
  • Audio Is Clear
  • 2x zoom and panning
  • Also, check temperature changes


Being a new parent is exciting but it can be difficult to take care of your baby and it can be harder if you have to go into the office. A baby monitor can help you to keep monitoring your baby and alert you when needed. Being about to keep an eye on your Nany or grandparents from the office with the baby monitor is also priceless.

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